adult audience

Queesch duerch de Gaart

“Queesch duerch de Gaart” is a simple and rather informal format that is based on the pure pleasure of storytelling and music.

adult audience

Tell it again, Sam

"Tell it again, Sam" is a more elaborate storytelling show by Luisa Bevilacqua, Betsy Dentzer and befriended percussionist Louisa Marxen.

adult audience

Stories and Sounds - Jam Session

"Stories and Sounds" is a jump into the deep end, an experiment, a playful space in which anything is possible.


"ZongenZodi" is all about the interplay of language, speech & body sounds and rhythm... a playful story play for children from 4 years on.

adult audience


Razor-sharp words, terrifying anecdotes and chilling crime stories

adult audience


The night... queen of the darkness... source of numerous stories and anecdotes