Stories and Sounds - Jam Session

Stories and Sounds - Jam Session

adult audience
Age: 15+
Duration: 70 minutes (without intermission)
Lang: LU, DE, FR, EN

1st show: 2021


Three women, three voices, three ways to tell a story.


Two storytelling artists, Betsy Dentzer and Luisa Bevilacqua, meet Claire Parsons, a jazz singer and musician. Together they embark on an unknown journey to discover something new and spontaneous in the moment.

The three artists create new worlds in which sounds, words, songs, stories and music inspire and complement each other.

"Stories and Sounds" is a jump into the deep end, an experiment, a playful space in which anything is possible.


Artists: Luisa Bevilacqua (storyteller), Betsy Dentzer (storyteller), Claire Parsons (singer and musician)

Production: Erzielkonscht ASBL