Queesch duerch de Gaart

Queesch duerch de Gaart

adult audience
Age: 15+
Duration: +/- 70 minutes (without intermission)
Lang: LU, FR (possible also in DE or EN)

“Queesch duerch de Gaart” is a simple and rather informal storytelling format that is based on the pure pleasure of storytelling and music.

The two storytellers Luisa Bevilacqua and Betsy Dentzer meet with various musicians and tell stories from their repertoires without focusing on a particular theme.


Other possible languages: German, English, French.

Storytelling: Luisa Bevilacqua, Betsy Dentzer (Erzielkonscht ASBL)

Music: various artists / 2021: Anik Schwall / 2022: Benoit Martiny, Anik Schwall, Renata Van der Vyver / 2023: Anik Schwall

Production: Erzielkonscht ASBL


"Queesch duerch de Gaart" can also be adapted into a family programme.

Age: 5+

Duration: +/- 45 minutes

Languages: LU and/or FR

Further possible languages: German, English


Storytelling: Betsy Dentzer and/or Luisa Bevilacqua

Production: Erzielkonscht ASBL


Technical details

Stage size: 3x4 m (minimum)

3 chairs (without armrests)