"ZongenZodi" nominated for Luxembourg Theatre Awards

Publication : 25-09-2023

#Luisa Bevilacqua #Betsy Dentzer #Zongenzodi #Theaterpräiss

Who would have thought that!

Only a year ago we were sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper, had no clue what we wanted to tell. Carte Blanche... something with language, with words, with wordplay. A thousand possibilities.

And then the idea to do something with already existing stories, to look for the messages that were suitable for us and to work them out for this new piece.


NOPE! It didn't take long and we started spinning, inventing, writing down and staging the first snippets on stage. And then the train was already on its way and we had no choice but to move on. To invent on. To write on.

It was quickly clear to us that we had not chosen the easiest path. Time was running out, because we hadn't geared our rehearsal plans to writing our very own text.
Sleepless nights, running left and right, quick decisions, bare nerves...and then the premiere.

And it worked out well!

The first series in the Ariston of the Escher Theatre went by like a flash. We sold first performances for the following season, but were already moving on to the next projects. And then, shortly before the summer break: Nomination !



Our small association had been chosen by the jury, among other projects by bigger structures.

We didn't win at the end, but couldn't be prouder of our baby's success!


What a journey! A huge THANK YOU goes to all who accompanied us on it: Escher Theatre (Francis Schmit, Carole Lorang, Ben Bauler, Anja Hoscheit, Domenic Köhler), Peggy Wurth for stage and costumes, Jean Bermes, Ela Baumann, Claire Parsons for artistic guidance and last but not least: our families for their neverending support!

And now? Look forward to the new season, YOU HAVE EXACTLY 29 OPPORTUNITIES TO SEE "ZongenZodi" live!

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