RadiOdyssee #11: "[Zwerg - Fäll]"


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I'm wandering around in nature, between green hills and meadows, I'm enjoying the sun and the...Stop! A scurry in the corner of my eye. I turn my head. A mouse? A weasel? There! I see something disappear into the hill. I creep closer. There's a hole in the hill and...I rub my eyes...I see two small, very human feet disappearing into the tunnel.

This time Kerstin Thalau, Valerija Berdi, Luisa Bevilacqua and Betsy Dentzer talk about little creatures...dwarfs, pixies, goblins, little men...or whatever they are all called. Which little creatures are there in oral literature, in texts, in films? How do gnomes live in Luxembourg? What does the garden gnome have to do with all this?
And how do you actually treat a dwarf with respect?

Once again, the four ladies will not miss the opportunity to discuss these questions in detail... and of course there will also be stories!

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