Queesch duerch de Gaart for kids


(Private event!)



“Queesch duerch de Gaart” is a simple and rather informal storytelling format that is based on the pure pleasure of storytelling and music.

The two storytellers Luisa Bevilacqua and Betsy Dentzer meet with various musicians and tell stories from their repertoires without focusing on a particular theme.

This time, they invited a well known "Queesch" artist to join them for a school session: together with cellist Anik Schwall, they present a shorter programme for the 4 to 6 years olds.


Duration: +/- 45 minutes
Age: 4+
Language: Luxembourgish

Storytelling: Luisa Bevilacqua, Betsy Dentzer
Music: Anik Schwall (Cello)
Produced by: Erzielkonscht a.s.b.l.

Reebouschoul Bettembourg


Reebouschoul Bettembourg